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The BC Salmon Farmers Association is dedicated to driving communication and cooperation within the salmon farming sector, and is the link between the industry and government.

Our membership is made up of B.C.’s proud salmon farmers, as well as the supply and service companies that support them. It’s a strong group that together – and with the assistance of the BC Salmon Farmers Association, helps to educate the public, engage with government and communities, and continue in the positive development of the industry as a whole.

Our members share a commitment to high operational standards, transparency and continuous development and improvement. In addition, they strive to be the best community partners they can be, because they know they’re an important part of keeping our local coastal economy strong and diverse.

Salmon Farmers

Cermaq Canada Ltd.

Cermaq Canada Ltd. is a salmon farming company on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Operations consist of four land-based freshwater facilities (three hatcheries and a broodstock facility); 27 marine aquaculture facilities; and one fish processing facility. Cermaq Canada’s offices are located in Campbell River, Tofino and Richmond. Warehouses are located in Campbell River, Tofino and Port McNeill.

Cermaq Canada Ltd. is proud to produce high-quality Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) for domestic and international seafood markets.


Creative Salmon

Creative Salmon is a producer of high quality naturally raised Chinook salmon indigenous to our local area. As one of the founding members of the Pacific Organic Seafood Association (POSA), we are actively pursuing Organic Certification.

We provide our customers with assurance of wholesome and nutritious Premium Quality Chinook salmon. We utilize only the best quality feed ingredients, growing conditions and husbandry techniques together with a philosophy that our environment, our employees and our local community are equally as important as is the economic bottom line.


Golden Eagle Aquaculture Inc.

Golden Eagle Aquaculture Inc. produces both fresh sablefish and fresh Coho. Sablefish are grown at the Golden Eagle Sable Fish hatchery on Salt Spring Island and at farm sites in Kyuquot Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island. Coho are cultured in a land-based recirculating system at Agassiz in the southern mainland area of the province. Golden Eagle Aquaculture is owned by the Aquilini Investment Group whose holdings also include agriculture and renewable energy companies.
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Grieg Seafood

Grieg Seafood BC Ltd. (Grieg) is a Canadian salmon farming company based in Campbell River, British Columbia, and proudly supports 45 full-time employees. Operations further support another 50 full-time employees at a fish processing plant owned by Walcan Seafood Ltd., the single largest employer on Quadra Island.

Farm Operations, comprising of 9 sites owned by Grieg and one other leased site are based in four areas; Esperanza Inlet and Nootka Sound on the west coast of Vancouver Island, and on the east side of Vancouver Island in Clio Channel and Okisollo Channel.


Marine Harvest Canada

Marine Harvest is the world's largest aquaculture company, and its premier producer and supplier of farmed salmon. Marine Harvest Canada is a fully integrated business having freshwater and saltwater production facilities from Duncan to Klemtu and its own processing plant in Port Hardy. Marine Harvest is the largest producer of Atlantic Salmon on the Canada's west coast and employs more than 500 British Columbians.

West Coast Fishculture (Lois Lake) Ltd.

AgriMarine Holdings’ flagship farm is West Coast Fishculture (Lois Lake) Ltd., the premier producer of Steelhead salmon in British Columbia. Its premium brand of OceanWise™ Lois Lake Steelhead is one of the leading brands of fin fish featured in top restaurants across the province.

Established in 1973, the West Coast Fishculture farm operates in the deep, cold, clean water of Lois Lake, near the City of Powell River, providing employment to over 50 residents of the area. The Steelhead is reared in both net-cages and in AgriMarine’s proprietary, floating semi-closed containment tanks.


Associate Members

Akva Group

AKVA group, with its four main brands of aquaculture products, is now the world's most recognized brand of aquaculture technology.

With more than 25 years of experience in design and manufacturing of steel cages, plastic cages & work boats, feed systems, feed barges, sensor systems and fish farming software. Their continued high focus on R&D will ensure our customers to always have the best products available, also in the future.

AKVA Group is proud to provide their customers with the tools needed to farm their fish in a cost effective and sustainable manner world wide.


Aqua-Pak & Noboco

Manufacturers and Distributors of insulated packaging and shipping materials. Products include moulded EPS Styro Boxes®, Styro Trays®, Poly Liners, Corrugated Outers and Super absorbent Aqua Pads.


Badinotti Net Services Canada Ltd. offers complete net services and sales to the aquaculture industry. This includes washing, disinfecting, repairs, modifications, dipping, new nets and products. As part of the worldwide Badinotti Group, we are able to offer our customers the advantage gained from technical knowledge and experience developed over 100 years in the net business.

Brown's Bay Packing Company

Brown’s Bay Packing Company has been custom processing farmed fresh salmon in the spectacular Seymour Narrows of British Columbia since 1989. With a small but eager staff of 25 and a modestly sized facility, Brown’s Bay Packing opened for business with expectations to process 2.5 million lbs. of farmed fresh salmon.

Campbell River Netloft Ltd

Campbell River Netloft Ltd (CRN) is the Canadian subsidiary of MoreNot Aquaculture, a Norwegian manufacturer and service provider to the fisheries industry since 1948. CRN was established in Campbell River in 1987 to supply and service the salmon farming industry. Since then, CRN has expanded into a larger multi-purpose facility and to offer net washing and anti-fouling treatment services.

CRN also supplies expertise and equipment to the shellfish industry and others for sport netting, film production, construction, safety, oil industry, research, logging and agriculture.


Elanco Canada Limited

Elanco Canada Limited is a global animal health company, pledging to develop and deliver products that are safe for consumers, animals and the environment. Through innovative products, quality systems and a shared vision, Elanco strives to enrich the lives of people the world over through companionship and a safe, affordable and abundant supply of food.

EWOS Canada Ltd.

EWOS Canada Limited is a manufacturer of high quality fish feed diets that are formulated to meet the nutritional needs of each stage of the salmonid lifecycle.

Gemini Marine Services Ltd.

Gemini Marine Services is based out of Garden Bay, British Columbia, Canada, which is, located 115 KM North of Vancouver. The Thompson family has been involved in the BC Towboat industry for over 50 years. Garry and Cheryl purchased the tug "Genni Bay" from Garry's father and began their own towing business in 1992. The Thompson's have been involved in the transport of fish feed for the BC Aquaculture industry from its inception in 1985 via their company Sealand Marine Freight LTD.

Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems Inc.

Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems is the largest source of aquatic products and systems worldwide. Our mission is to offer symbiotic biological and engineering solutions to support any aquaculture need. We offer everything from designing a complete facility to engineering solutions for existing production systems. Our commercial aquaculture team can also help you with equipment upgrades, troubleshooting and technical support.

Sea Roamer Marine Services

Sea Roamer Marine Services specialize in Anchor Installation and Inspection on BC Salmon Farms, do net changes and general marine towing. We also transport Smolts and freight in the Northern Vancouver Island area.


Skretting (formerly Moore-Clark) is Canada's largest aquaculture feeds producer and leads the market with innovative feeds and feeding expertise. The company supplies mainly salmon and trout diets but also produces other fish feeds. Our substantial international resources and expertise are a guarantee of the highest quality standards throughout the food chain.

Syndel Laboratories

Syndel is the world leader in aquatic animal reproduction. Syndel produces and markets quality aquaculture health care products including; induced spawning products, anesthetics, disinfectants, parasiticides, fungicides, vaccines, transportation and handling products.

Taplow Feeds

Taplow Feeds owns and operates a manufacturing facility in Armstrong, British Columbia. Our Company has state-of-the-art, technologically advanced equipment with which we manufacture high quality extruded fish feed and pet foods. Strict Quality Assurance and Control Systems are in place to facilitate our exports throughout World Markets. Taplow Feeds is certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency.

Walcan Seafood Ltd.

Walcan Seafood Ltd. Processor and Exporter since 1974. Fresh and frozen salmon, roe, herring and prawns. Value added products including fillets, fresh, frozen or retorted. For Custom Processing information contact Ken Binnersley at k [dot] binnersleywalcan [dot] com, Tel: 250 285 3361 Fax: 250 285 2426

West Coast Reduction Ltd.

We are a recycling and waste by-product disposal company, rendering animal and fish waste. Our services include the provision of containers, the pick-up and removal of full containers, as well as the delivery of the containers and their contents to processing facilities.

Sustaining Members

Ahousaht First Nation

The 1,600 member Ahousaht First Nation and the 700 residents of the Village of Ahousaht live in beautiful and tranquil Clayoquot Sound. The Ahousaht were an ardent opponent of salmon aquaculture, but have shifted their position and now work with the industry to exert a positive influence on industry practices. The Ahousaht First Nation shares its unique Northwest Coast aboriginal culture with salmon farmers by transferring their indigenous ecological knowledge of the Hahoulthee (traditional territory). The Ahousaht believe that mutual respect and harmonization with the industry is the best way to ensure that resources and the environment are protected.

Aquatrans Distributors

Aquatrans began operations in 1987 with a focus on providing general cargo and fresh/frozen transport services throughout BC. After 17 years Aquatrans has become a transport specialisit and leader in providing refrigerated, dry, flat deck and container services to customers throughout BC, Washington and Oregon.


Biomark was founded with the intent to develop a premiere fish tagging organization using RFID tag technology. It quickly adapted into a company that not only tagged fish, but also manufactures RFID tag products, develops RFID tag data recovery systems based on their customer’s goals. Biomark is the worldwide leader in RFID products for fisheries management. From innovative, first of their kind, stream, river, hydro facility and production RFID tag management systems, to tag injection systems and production tagging services, Biomark delivers the best in products and services to its customers.
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Brunswick Jetters Ltd.

Innovative net washing solutions. Please visit www.brunswickjetters.com for more information.

Canada Cryogenetics Services

Cryogenetics offers services and technology for an effective fish reproduction. Their main service has traditionally been the cryopreservation of fish milt. Cryopreservation is a powerful tool for preservation of genetic diversity in wild species and as an integral part of both commercial aquaculture and other fish breeding programs. In addition to cryopreservation and storage services the company also offers several other products and services helping to secure more effective fish reproduction. These include technology for fresh storage of milt, milt quality evaluation and gender testing of fingerlings.

CPI Pumps & Irrigation

CPI pumps & irrigation - formerly AOC Aqua On Call Technologies - has gone through a face lift. We now have a store front at 1080 Industrial Way in Parksville, BC. and have more resources to help you/your company and your industry. Our market has been expanded to provide you with service and supplies for aquaculture, irrigation, pumps, pipes, fittings, well drilling, excavating, fabricating, fences and more. We still offer our services 24/7 for those markets (aquaculture) that need immediate response.

Cummins Power Generation

Cummins Power Generation is a global provider of power systems, components and services in standby power, distributed power generation, as well as auxiliary power in mobile applications to meet the needs of a diversified customer base. Cummins Power Generation also provides a full range of services and solutions, including long-term operation and maintenance contracts and turnkey and temporary power solutions. Products include diesel and alternative-fueled electrical generator sets from 2.5 to 2,700 kW, alternators from 0.6 KVA to 30,000 KVA, transfer switches from 40 amps to 3,000 amps, paralleling switchgear and generator set controls.
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District of Port Hardy

Port Hardy, incorporated in 1966, is located on shores of Hardy Bay on the northern end of Vancouver Island and is a District Municipality with a population of 4,574 that is spread over 40.88 square km. We are a resource based community, dependent on fishing, aquaculture and logging and provide commercial and retail services and facilities on our established road, air and ferry links to all North Island and Mid Coast communities.

DIVESAFE International

DIVESAFE International is Canada’s #1 commercial dive school. Located in Campbell River – in the heart of BC’s thriving aquaculture industry, students come from all over the world to train with DIVESAFE. Courses in Commercial SCUBA Diver, Scientific SCUBA Diver, Restricted Surface Supply, Commercial NITROX Blender/Diver & Dive Supervisor are offered at the Campbell River location in real world ocean environments. Courses run year round and a schedule can be viewed on the website www.divesafe.com.

Dynamic Systems Analysis

Dynamic Systems Analysis specializes in risk management in marine environments. Whether operations or assets must be safeguarded from failure, DSA uses its advanced engineering tools and expertise to ensure a project's success. DSA's consulting capacity encompasses a wide range of sectors, including defense, offshore oil & gas, marine renewable energy, and aquaculture.


Europharma is a specialized supplier of vaccines and fish health products in all major markets for salmon production. The Norwegian owned company funds a number of R&D projects and host seminars to contribute to the progress of salmon farming. Europharma is the worldwide supplier of SuperSmolt®.

Europharma is part of a growing group of companies in Norway, Scotland, Canada and Chile, all dedicated to salmon production.


Excel Career College

Excel Career College focuses on providing relevant hands-on training to get students into the workforce quickly. Excel’s programs are developed in direct response to the current and future job market. Through research, community networking and continuous assessment and evaluation of its programs, Excel develops curriculum to bridge the employment needs of students and businesses in the communities it serves.

Flying Fresh Air Freight

Founded in 1989, and headquartered at Vancouver International Airport (YVR), Flying Fresh Air Freight is a recognized leader in the transportation of perishable cargo throughout the world. CEO and founder Brendan Harnett has evolved the business over the past decade to include a fully comprehensive logistics service– leading to the formation of FFAF Cargo, a subsidiary of Flying Fresh Air Freight.
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Hardy Buoys

The staff at Hardy Buoys is proud to provide you with the finest gourmet hot smoked salmon available. We use fresh, locally caught salmon, as well as farm raised Atlantic plus our own special ingredients for seasoning and pure alder wood chips for authentic flavouring. We have built a strong reputation, producing a variety of exquisite products and providing excellent service to our customers. That is why we are The Natural Choice!

Kitasoo Aquafarms

The Klemtu Band as a business entity to support its new salmon aquaculture initiative formed Kitasoo Aquafarms Ltd. in 1986. Kitasoo Aquafarms operated a production salmon farm near Klemtu from 1989 to 1994. Since 1998, Kitasoo Aquafarms has partnered with Marine Harvest Canada for the purposes of salmon farming. Kitasoo Aquafarms currently holds 4 salmon farm tenures and is currently developing 2 additional tenures as well as research on potential shellfish farming sites it the Kitasoo traditional territory.

Lions Gate Fisheries Ltd.

Lions Gate Fisheries Ltd. is a family owned Canadian company. We are a producer, processor, exporter, wholesaler and distributor of premium fresh and frozen seafood. Our company was founded in 1938 has over 60 years experience in a wide range of the most popular seafood items from Canada's west coast, and the rest of the world.

Omega Pacific Hatchery Inc.

Omega Pacific has been dedicated to advancements in Pacific Salmon Culture since 1980. With more than 30 consecutive years of spawning and growing Chinook salmon, Omega has discovered optimum rearing methods to ensure high ocean survival. Omega Pacific’s advancements in Bio-Technology enabled the culture of smolt populations which consistently achieve 96% survival after 22 months in an ocean environment. Working in both enhancement and commercial aquaculture sector, their focus is on developing the best possible high survival juvenile.

Additionally, Coho, Atlantic , Rainbow, White Sturgeon, and Crayfish are also grown, with ongoing freshwater brood stock program for all species."Working with fish has been our life’s work and we love what we do."


Saltstream Engineering Ltd.

Saltstream Engineering Ltd. are family owned and operated companies since 1979, specializing in the culture of Pacific Salmon. We operate a hatchery adjacent to our grow out site on West Redonda island east of Campbell River. For many years our hatchery has produced smolts for local wild salmonid enhancement projects.

Tlatlasikwala First Nation

The Tlatlasikwala First Nation are the descendants of the Tlatlasikwala, Nakumgilisala and Yutlinuk peoples. Their Territory covers the lands and waters of northern Vancouver Island and their home village is at beautiful Bull Harbour on Hope Island. Their people originated from spiritual places in their Territory and numbered in the thousands until contact with sailing vessels 200 years ago. Today the survivors number 61 and they are working hard to re-build their community. he The Tlatlasikwala First Nation welcome economic development in our territory, as long it's environmentally sustainable, conserves all natural resources on the land and in the waters, and provides training, jobs and benefits for the Tlatlasikwala people.

TRI-GEN Fish Improvement Ltd.

TRI-GEN Fish Improvement has been providing consulting services in the areas of research, development and genetic improvement for aquaculture broodstocks since 1988. TRI-GEN is currently involved in genetic improvement programs for Atlantic, Chinook and Coho Salmon as well continued development of NIR technology for carcass trait measurements on live fish.


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