Badinotti reveals its specialized net cleaning vessel, Bravo II

Badinotti celebrated their latest advancement in net cleaning efficiency as they unveiled the Bravo II at the Coast Discovery Marina on Wednesday, March 8th. Members from the aquaculture industry, academic institution representatives, and the local Campbell River community were invited to tour Badinotti’s new flagship vessel and speak with members of the crew, as well as the Badinotti team about the net cleaning process and what it will mean for the future of the industry.

The Bravo II was a two-year project, from the conception of the idea to the completion of construction. Badinotti worked with Armstrong Marine Inc. to bring their idea to life and to create a fully-equipped work station. The catamaran is expected to revolutionize net washing in B.C., while reducing maintenance costs.

While on board the Bravo II guests were able to view the state of the art control room and the crew’s living quarters below, which include two bunks on either side, along with a fully equipped bathroom and pantry. The pontoons on either side of the vessel house the engines, the generator, the desalinator, and the hot water tank. Stationed at the rear of the boat is the crane’s operation room, protecting crew members from the elements while working. The vessel is specifically designed to sustain its crew while they are out servicing multiple farm sites.

The advancement in technology means that the net cleaning time will likely be cut in half, something that is of high importance as nets need to be cleaned every three to four weeks. The vital piece of equipment that allows the Bravo II to be so effective is essentially a giant pressure washer that pumps around 700 litres of water per minute at 5,000 psi. The washer uses both salt and fresh water to prolong the life of the machinery and reduce the need for maintenance.

The Bravo II serves as another positive step away from the practice of using anti-fouling coatings to clean farm’s nets. Badinotti is confident that this new vessel will help the industry strive towards a more sustainable and resourceful future.

To learn more about the launch of the Bravo II , check out the story in the Campbell River Mirror.