2016 Annual General Meeting + Business Summit

The BC Salmon Farmers Association will hold its 2016 Annual General Meeting + Business Summit in the Salmon Capital of the World, Campbell River B.C., on October 13th and 14th. This is the preeminent event for aquaculture in B.C., involving the aquaculture industry, government, First Nations, academia, and community leaders.

This year’s event will discuss Achievements in Aquaculture, including emerging technology, the evolution and growing importance of big data, and new and developing relationships that are helping to further the industry’s sustainable growth and environmental transformation.


October 13 & 14, 2016


Campbell River, B.C.


Thursday October 13th


This workshop is designed to provide farming staff with an opportunity to discuss passive mitigation strategies for dealing with marine mammals with global expert in pinnepeds Dr. Andrew Trites.

Venue: Coast Discovery Inn

NEW PRODUCTS SHOWCASE - 11:30am to 1:30pm - Lunch served at 11:00am

Featuring 8 new products/services, this session is designed to give members the opportunity to learn more about new technologies or innovations for the aquaculture industry. Please note that we are at maximum capacity for presenters.

1. Agrimarine Technologies Inc. - Floating Raceway Technology (FRT)

Launched in June 2016, Agrimarine Technologies' new commercial scale Floating Raceway Technology (FRT) provides the same optimization of water quality as circular containment systems, but can be deployed in shallower bodies of water such as sheltered inlets, lakes, rivers, man-made ponds and rehabilitated gravel pits. FRTs are scalable, affordable and can be deployed in a short period of time.

Currently installed at West Coast Fishculture's Steelhead farm, the FRT has been stocked with fish and they are seeing excellent water quality, growth rates and low mortalities. Definitely some great results!

2. BC Centre for Aquatic Health Sciences - Quantitative PCR (qPCR) testing

Looking for early detection of fish health issues? The BC Centre for Aquatic Health Sciences offers Quantitative PCR (qPCR) testing - a molecular tool that can be used for biosurveillance purposes by providing specific and sensitive screening of micro-organisms that can affect fish health, such as IHNv, VHSv, ISAv, PRv and BKD. qPCR testing allows for better management of fish health diseases, therefore avoiding pathogen outbreaks. This tool is recognized by the World Organization of Animal Health and is routinely used in national and international laboratories for pathogen screening in fish.

3. Poseidon Ocean Systems Ltd. - Aeration Control Manifolds

Launched in July 2016, Poseidon Ocean Systems' Aeration Control Manifolds are used on aquaculture farms to provide protection against Harmful Algae Blooms, low Dissolved-Oxygen, and other environmental challenges. Simple, yet robust, these next generation distribution systems control and regulate the air/oxygen flow to ensure even distribution of the protective effects of the air/oxygen systems throughout the farm - maintaining constant flow rates regardless of supply fluctuations.

Poseidon's aeration systems are designed specifically for the marine aquaculture industry and each component is designed to withstand the rigours of the marine environment.

4. Dynamic Systems Analysis Ltd. - ProteusDS Analysis Software Package

Dynamic Systems Analysis is excited to announce that ProteusDS - an existing dynamic analysis software package used for marine, offshore, and subsea applications - is being updated in January 2017 to include new capabilities and features to service the aquaculture industry, in addition to other marine sectors. It has been designed to be rapidly customizable and expandable to allow assessment of novel applications.

ProteusDS makes use of advanced hydrodynamic and finite-element models to achieve accurate results. Ocean engineers, and other ocean industry professionals, use this software to test virtual prototypes of systems that are exposed to extreme wind, current and waves - reducing risk and enabling system optimization.

5. Skretting - MicroBalance® FLX

In March 2016, Skretting made a breakthrough with MicroBalance® FLX - an innovative fishmeal-free salmon feed that delivers equal performance in terms of fish growth and health. Since there is a finite amount of fishmeal available in the market, it is essential that the global fishmeal resource be used in the most efficient way to continue sustainable aquaculture expansion.

As a proud leader in aquafeed research, MicroBalance® FLX is the culmination of decades of research and provides Skretting flexibility with raw material inclusion - enabling the available responsibly sourced fishmeal resource to go much further than in the past, and thereby increasing the sustainability credentials of salmon production globally.

6. Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems™ - Point Four™ Envault Cloud Monitoring Platform

Launched in July 2016 by Pentair Aquatic Eco-Systems, Point Four™ Envault is a secure, reliable and easy to use Internet-based data monitoring cloud platform designed to complement on-site Point Four monitoring equipment. With real-time communications and instant updates built into the core, EnVault has everything you've always wanted and more - helping to optimize operations by analyzing the data being monitored and providing trend analysis, pattern recognition, and preventative maintenance strategies.

The lightning fast customizable interface has been designed to work across all smart phones and computing devices, with no software to install and page reloads. In addition, collaboration is possible with multiple users from various sites able to access the same information.

7. CPI Pumps and Service - High Pressure Oxygen Diffuser System (H.O2.D.S.)

CPI Pumps and Service will be launching their new High Pressure Oxygen Diffuser System (H.O2.D.S.) in September 2016. This new technology has been designed to be a compressor-free plankton mitigation system that increases dissolved oxygen in the water by using nano and micro bubbles to help the transfer of oxygen (or air) into the water column to raise dissolved oxygen and up lift water.

Having been involved in the Aquaculture Market for over 15 years, CPI Pumps and Service has experience in all aspects of the industry including Plankton Mitigation Equipment, Mort Retrieval Systems, Ensilage Systems, Net Cleaning, and more. The owners and employees have had the opportunity to see the Aquaculture Markets in Norway and Scotland, which is a great asset to their knowledge.

8. realtime aquaculture

Operated within the Amirix family of companies and sister company to Vemco, realtime aquaculture was born from the need of local farmers who were seeking an ability to have a better sense of the ever-changing water conditions.
Launching in the fall of 2016, this technology enables real time continuous monitoring of open water fish farm conditions including water temperatures and oxygen levels. This critical data is put in the hands of fish farmers and  farm operators via an intuitive and simple to use dashboard on their smart phone, or via a web browser. In addition, realtime aquaculture spends just as much time supporting fish farmers in the interpretation of the data they receive, helping to make sense of the powerful data they have.

Venue: Coast Discovery Inn

SALMON FARM TOUR - 12:00pm to 4:00pm

Tour a near-by salmon farm and take the opportunity to learn more about the sustainable practices involved in growing fish in B.C. Participants will travel in passenger vessels offering comfortable seating and heated cabins.

*weather dependent

Location: Discovery Launch Water Taxi at Fisherman's Wharf Marina

ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - 2:00pm to 4:00pm

The BCSFA encourages all members (voting and non-voting) to attend this event.

Program includes:

  • Welcome by the BCSFA Chair, Tim Rundle
  • Ruth Salmon, Executive Director of the Canadian Aquaculture Industry Alliance
    • Update on Canada's National Aquaculture Strategy
  • Jeremy Dunn, Executive Director, BC Salmon Farmers Association
    • Year in Review, and looking forward to 2017
  • Auditor's Financial Report
  • Election of Directors
  • Association By-Law's Review
  • Preparing for The Societies Act: A new legislation that was passed in spring 2015 and will come into effect on November 28, 2016.

Venue: Coast Discovery Inn


This year, as a special treat, the BCSFA is organizing a seafood & beverage tasting event - featuring fresh farm-raised fish, as well as one of Vancouver Island's top craft brews from Tofino Brewery and Shelter Point vodka and whisky. This intimate event offers attendees the perfect opportunity to network with BCSFA members, business summit participants and VIP guests. Space is limited so register early for this event!

Bus transportation will be provided to/from event.

Venue: Shelter Point Distillery

Friday October 14th

2016 BUSINESS SUMMIT - 8:00am to 4:15pm

The BC Salmon Farmers Association is developing a robust program that will provide an update on the progress of salmon farming in British Columbia, as well as presentations that will feature community leaders including:

  • Mayor of Campbell River, Andy Adams
  • Hon. Norm Letnick, Minister of Agriculture
  • Avrim Lazar, globally recognized consultant working on sustainability issues
  • Kerry Keffaber, Chief Veterinarian, Scientific Affairs and Policy, Elanco Animal Health
  • Dr. Crawford Revie, Professor & Canada Research Chair, University of PEI
  • Carl Ribble, The Centre For Coastal Health

Venue: Tidemark Theatre


Comfort Inn & Suites Campbell River

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